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Meet me at the Block Party event!

Meet me at the Block Party Event!

What in the world is a Block Party event? Great, I’m glad you asked.

A Block Party event is a way to serve your community by offering a fun, safe environment for individuals and families to connect with each other and with your church.

As an Intentional Evangelistic tool, it will break down barriers, in an informal, unique and fun event outside the walls of the church.

We like to say…”The Block Party event brings your Community Together one party at a time.”

Start a tradition in your church by planning a Block Party. Having a Block Party in your neighborhood, apartment, the lake, the beach, wherever, is a fun way to meet neighbors, build relationships, and develop a sense of belonging and security among residents.

The CT (Community Together) Block Party Trailer has everything you will need to have a party. Its own generator (you can go to the lake of beach) charcoal grill, outdoor games, PA system and generator, snow cone machine, popcorn machine, many games.

You can use the Event to preregister children for Vacation Bible School and youth events. In fact all Ministries, Family, Adult, Children and Students.

If you are looking for a creative way to reach out to your neighbors, this is it.

Community Together for joint-fellowship with God is the best fellowship we can have with one another…

Intentionally sharing the Gospel. Intentionally sharing the good News.

Intentionally sharing Christ. Intentionally having fun.

Fellowship…We were formed for God’s family…Fellowship helps you face life’s problems by giving support and encouragement.

Evangelism…We were made for a mission…Evangelism helps you fulfill your mission.

Someone has said, “An open heart and an open mind will allow Christ to open doors”. So let’s open our hearts and minds so Christ can open doors to reach out and connect with our communities.

Our Heart, our Ministry, our Mission. To share Christ.

Freddie L. Smith