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”What ever happened to the front porch?”

Community Together…”What ever happened to the front porch?”

I remember when my parent’s home, as did our neighbors, all had front porches. We would ride our bikes and the girls would play games on the sidewalk while our parents would sit on the front porch and drink tea or coffee with friends and neighbors. We knew our neighbors by their names. How unique is that?

We knew much about our neighbors because of that front porch experience.

We had community…we had fellowship…we had family…

Today we have a solitary confinement mind set. Sitting at the computer, on our Iphones, Ipads, notebooks, in front of the TV, we seem to be afraid of the outside.

We’re concealed on the back patio…with all of our little toys…We don’t want to be bothered…

Maybe we can’t have the same front porch experience today, as so many of us did years ago, however we can still live a life of community and fellowship.

In the book of Acts and the 2nd chapter, Luke tells us of an incredible experience of new Believers. Verse 42: “They continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and fellowship and in breaking bread and in prayers”.

Verse 44: And all that believed were together, and had all things common”.

The first community of believers gathered together on a regular basis..

For worship, prayer, Bible study, fellowship, outreach, and praising God.

The Community Together Block Party event, allows you and your church to connect with your community for all the above and for fun.

If you would like your church, your community to have a renewed sense of community togetherness, have a “Community Together Block Party” event.

Neighborhood block parties are a fun way to meet neighbors, build friendships and develop a sense of belonging and security with your friends and neighbors.

It will break down barriers…it is informal…unique…fun…and it’s in your Community.

Our Heart, Our Ministry, Our Mission. To Share Christ.

Freddie L. Smith