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Radical Transformation – Community In Action

Radical Transformation – Community In Action

In Christ, believers are bound together in a community of Faith. In Christ, belonging to Christ we belong to each other. In Christ, fellowship with Christ means fellowship with each other. And this is our God-given support system. Jesus knew we would need this. Pretty neat huh?

What a concept. Wouldn’t it be great if we all did as the first Christians did? The writer of Acts reminds us in Acts 2:44 “…All that believed were together”. The first “Community” of believers gathered together on a regular basis (Pretty cool, this regular stuff) for worship, on a regular basis for prayer, on a regular basis for study, on a regular basis for even fellowship.

The local community of believers, the church, is essential to our spiritual well-being. Through it God allows us to find strength for our journey on earth, spiritual gifts for places to minister and an endless source of guidance. Someone has said, “We need the community of believers because none of us is as smart as all of us.”

Now, having said all this and “all of this” is great and wonderful, being in the community of Faith at best is not without difficulties, problems and conflicts. Our Adamic sinful nature causes all of these from time to time. This is where Radical Transformation comes to play in our “Community” of one and of all.

Spiritual transformation or, becoming closer to God today than we were yesterday and becoming closer to God tomorrow than we were today is something we must focus on today and tomorrow. Satan would have us not to become community and has achieved that attitude in some Christians today. Hence, spiritual transformation is needed.

In Christ we are a community of faith, a special place where we can find our spiritual gifts, where we can use our spiritual gifts to minister to others and to be ministered to. We need each other. So, the community of faith needs to be a priority in our lives even is it calls for Spiritual Transformation.

Our Heart, Our Ministry, Our Mission. To Share Christ.

Freddie L. Smith